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Nice to meet you! I’m Steffi Von Brunner and your pelvic health guide. I help you create more space, ease and power in your pelvis and body.

Your pelvis holds

everything together

Work With Me

I help women with pain and tightness in the pelvis to create space and awareness and ease pain and tension via yoga, bodywork (belly and pelvic massage) and pelvic health coaching. You can work with me via one-on-one sessions or (online) group classes and programs. My practice from where I do the one-on-one work is located at My practice is located at SoZa – Anna van Hannoverstraat 4 Den Haag, where I work on Tuesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday full day and sometimes a weekend day according to my own cycle. 

bodywork & coaching

Chi Nei Tsang Belly Massage

Chi Nei Tsang

A deep, energetic massage of the abdomen and the internal organs to make everything flow better, to release blockages and to relax the tissue.

Pelvic Health Coaching

I support you creating more space, ease and power in your pelvis and body.

Chi Nei Tsang Belly Massage

Rest & Restore

A deep healing, slow and gentle full body oil massage using the techniques of the Rebalancing massage.
Focused on creating space and moving the energy in the body.

awaken your pelvis space

Pelvic Massage

Combining (yoga) stretches with deep massage, acupressure and mindfulness to open up space in the muscles, joints and energy lines of the pelvis and body.

the pelvis is the  root of

your health

Steffi is here to support you on your pelvic health journey, whether it’s creating space through bodywork, pelvic yoga or pelvic health guidance. Click here to book a free 30 min call with me and learn how I can guide you into feeling grounded, pain free and powerful in your pelvis.

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