Chi Nei Tsang

Deep energetic massage of the abdomen

Create space & release tension

This method is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their physical and emotional health. It involves a deep, energetic massage of the abdomen and internal organs to promote the flow of energy, release blockages, and relax tissue.

Abdominal massage can be helpful for many digestive disorders, as well as for improving reproductive and sexual health. It can be beneficial for infertility, menstrual problems, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, and menopause.

Chi Nei Tsang stimulates the internal organs to work more efficiently and can help correct postural problems that arise from imbalances in the abdominal area. This technique releases deep-seated tensions and restores vitality.

Detoxifying, Restructuring & Strengthening

Although Chi Nei Tsang mainly focuses on the abdomen, it can have positive effects on the entire body, including the lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems, as well as the nervous and immune systems.

Chi Nei Tsang can help with a variety of issues, including:

  • Digestive problems such as bowel issues, bloating, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Stomach issues such as upset stomach, heartburn, regurgitation, and rumbling stomach
  • Difficulty expressing emotions appropriately and unprocessed emotions
  • Respiratory issues such as asthma, tense diaphragm, and inability to breathe deeply
  • Relieving the consequences of emotional and work-related stress, such as depression, anxiety, sadness, and trauma
  • Fatigue, exhaustion, listlessness, and trouble sleeping
  • Hormonal complaints and frequent urination
  • Menstrual complaints, fertility problems, and menopausal complaints
  • Back, shoulder, and neck complaints, as well as headaches
  • Pain in the arms, hands, fingers, legs, knees, calves, ankles, and feet
  • Problems related to the psoas muscle
Chi Nei Tsang, energetic belly massage. You see Steffi massaging a belly
awaken your pelvis space

pelvic reset journey

This 2.5 hour journey combines pelvic massage with chi nei tsang to allow the body time and space to sink deep into the waters and depths of the pelvis. This journey aims to release stuck emotions, stress, and trauma from the pelvis and belly to create space and openness to sink into the power of the feminine.

It’s a moment just for you to sink into your pelvis, root, and womb space. The journey includes a grounding warm foot bath with magnesium salt and essential oils, a moment to calm down and a card pull, a grounding meditation for relaxation, a pelvic massage (a dynamic yoga massage with deep pressure and moments of integration), chi nei tsang (energetic belly massage), time to integrate, and tea and snack afterwards.

What to expect


This method is not suitable for people who have had abdominal surgery in the past year (including C-section), who are pregnant, during menstruation or if you have a IUD. Other contraindications are cancer, thrombosis, acute inflammation, infectious diseases, skin infections, aneurysm, melanoma, lymphoma.

Before the treatment

It is important not to eat a large meal for Chi Nei Tsang, no food at all for about 2 hours before the treatment, and don’t drink anything for an hour beforehand.

If you choose to keep your clothes on, please wear comfortable clothes.

During treatment

The abdominal massage is mainly performed on the abdomen, with oil, in conjunction with breathing.

After the treatment, some work is done on the rest of the body to ensure that the energy released from the abdomen is not stored and leaves the body.


Single Treatment – € 125

Belly Deep Dive
3 within 3 months – € 333

Pelvic Reset Journey

Pelvic Reset Journey Deep Dive
3 treatments within 3 months

My practice is located at SoZa – Anna van Hannoverstraat 4 Den Haag, where I work on Tuesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday full day and sometimes a weekend day according to my cycle and around my ovulation days. Book the Pelvic Reset Journey here.

Read what others say

“My abdomen is calmer, less tense, a lot has happened. literally feel lighter and more grounded. It’s not completely gone yet, but I thought a lot was happening. Found it very special. Also think for sure that I will go the distance again in the future.”

“Thanks so much for the incredible belly massage on Friday! I find them so intense and especially this last visit. As I mentioned to you, 2 nights prior to my appointment I was waking with a bit of discomfort on the left side of my abdomen and after the massage it’s gone! Thanks again for your amazing work!” – Sandra

“Steffi gave me a chi nei tsang belly massage… Boy, she is goooddd! I was a bit nervous because my belly is super sensitive as I got some trauma stored there for years which started to shift only at the beginning of this year… Yeas it was intense. But I seem to feel lighter in a way!” – Cuny


“The belly massage was extremely relaxing experience form the very beginning till the end. The mix of soft music, initial relaxation and breathing calmed my mind and the massage calmed my body. The belly massage itself was surprisingly not uncomfortable (as I had expected), rather relaxing. The treatment really helped to ease tension from my left foot. Overall, after the session I felt calm and centered. Highly recommend this to others! Thank you Steffi for healing me!” – Sara

“Steffi pays attention to a part of the body that is often skipped, but could use most of it love, touch and relaxation. The massage and the use of certain pressure points literally give space, a smoother flow of energy and awareness of stress in the abdominal area.” – Femke

“I’ve been getting belly massages from Steffi for a while now (about once a month) and from the start I’ve been amazed by the results. I am quite a sensitive person and my belly is definitely sensitive and sometimes a problem area. For starters, the massages gently help my system to get into a nice flow (physically and energetically). Next to that, I am able to get more in touch with what is happening inside my body ánd mind, both during the massage and after. Steffi is one of the most compassionate people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She is sensitive and has developed the skill to really listen and feel what you and your body need in that moment. That is truly a rare talent and makes this belly massage an experience I would recommend to everyone.” – Martine

“The massage was nice and relaxing, with a finger on the sore spot here and there. it set my sensitive bowels in motion. Since the massage my diet has changed, I notice that I listen more to what my body needs. Very nice!” – Babiche

“I wasn’t sure what to expect fromt he belly massage but I’m glad I booked it! It starts with a very short meditation exercise, and then Steffi started massaging pressure points in the belly area with smooth strokes. It wasn’t painful but you could tell some parts of the belly are more tense than others. it was so relaxaing, I even fell asleep. I recommend this if you need to get away from every day stress for some relaxation to feel more grounded.” – Dorine

Steffi is here to support you on your pelvic health journey, whether it’s creating space through bodywork, pelvic yoga or pelvic health guidance. Click here to book a free 30 min call with me and learn how I can guide you into feeling grounded, pain free and powerful in your pelvis.

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