Black Friday Deal

Black Friday Deal

20% discount on Reiki Healings
Get your Reiki Healing now for only €44 (€55 normal) for a single session or just €108 (€135 normal) for the package (€36 per session) Click on the button below to buy and book your (first) session between 1/12/2020 and 31/1/2021

It is hard to explain what it feels like and I guess it’s a very personal thing, but I found a soft and deep place for me to let go of some of my worries and anxieties and days after I still feel more grounded and calm than I did before the session


I want to thank you again, I’ve been feeling very relaxed the whole day. like I’m a little bit lighter


“It was so special. I’ve had reiki before, but never like this. It was deeply relaxing and really soothed my period cramps. It sounds weird, but I felt like she was holding my organs form the inside and warming them up. The days after I was able to relax way more than before.”