Pelvic massage

Dynamic massage to open the pelvis & experience grounding

opening the pelvis for deep healing and flow

Our feminine energy comes from our pelvis. This is where the life energy (chi/prana) flows through our entire body, as the pelvis houses our root and sacral chakra. The pelvis is also where we create.

However, the pelvis can also store unprocessed emotions, stress, and trauma, which can result in blockages that impede the flow of life energy. These blockages can affect not only your body, but also other aspects of your life such as work, relationships, and sex. You may feel like you are constantly hitting an invisible wall that you can’t overcome.

Pelvic massage can help release these blockages and restore the free flow of life energy. It is a dynamic form of massage that combines (yoga) stretches with deep massage, acupressure, and mindfulness. This massage technique creates space in your muscles, joints, and energy pathways, and restores the natural connection between your head, body, and pure essence.

pelvic reset journey

This 2.5-3 hour journey combines pelvic massage with chi nei tsang to allow the body time and space to sink deep into the waters and depths of the pelvis. This journey aims to release stuck emotions, stress, and trauma from the pelvis and belly to create space and openness to sink into the power of the feminine.

It’s a moment just for you to sink into your pelvis, root, and womb space. The journey includes a grounding warm foot bath with magnesium salt and essential oils, a moment to calm down and a card pull, a grounding meditation for relaxation, a pelvic massage (a dynamic yoga massage with deep pressure and moments of integration), chi nei tsang (energetic belly massage), time to integrate, and tea and snack afterwards.

awaken your pelvis space

What to expect


If one of the following diseases or conditions apply to you, it serves as a reason for you not to receive this massage therapy.

If you are unsure if these conditions apply to you or you have any questions, always feel free to send me a message (

Cancer, First 12 weeks of Pregnancy, Heart Disease, Surgery within the last 6 months, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism.

Please inform me when you have any injuries, high blood pressure, varicose veins or use blood thinners.

What's included?

 Every session is 90 minutes long, with 60+ minutes massage and includes:

  • short chat to get clear on your desires and focus
  • grounding meditation & oracle card pull
  • 60+ minutes Pelvic Massage on the mat, clothes on, with focus on the legs, pelvis and hips.
  • integration time & cup of tea + snack afterwards

This session can be extended with an energetic abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang) for even deeper relaxation, womb/pelvic connection and healing. The PELVIC RESET JOURNEY takes about 150 minutes in total.



Single Treatment
€ 125

Pelvic Massage Deep Dive
One treatment every 1-3 weeks,
3 in total, within 3 months
€ 333

Pelvic Reset Journey

Pelvic Reset Journey Deep Dive
3 treatments within 3 months

My practice is located at SoZa – Anna van Hannoverstraat 4 Den Haag, where I work on Tuesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday full day and sometimes a weekend day according to my cycle and around my ovulation days.  Book the Pelvic Reset Journey here.

Read what others say

I had the most caring, nurturing pelvic massage last week from Steffi. In a time where I felt that I needed to be consoled, Steffi’s touch and caring energy invited me to be vulnerable and open. Having held so much pain and sorry within my womb space, Steffi’s warm gentle hands moved around my pelvis and cradled me like I have never felt before. It was a wonderful, cathartic experience which allowed me to open up the flood gates and give into the deepest sorrow, which I thought I had already dealt with. I realize that there is still some healing to do and I would absolutely come back and see Steffi again.
– Audrey

Steffi is a wonderful spaceholder who works holistically and embodies the work she teaches. Creating the space for you to sink deep into your pelvis and body. – Mees


Steffi is here to support you on your pelvic health journey, whether it’s creating space through bodywork, pelvic yoga or pelvic health guidance. Click here to book a free 30 min call with me and learn how I can guide you into feeling grounded, pain free and powerful in your pelvis.

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