Reiki Healing

Universal Life Energy

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing system that works holistically, on the whole body, mind and spirit. It is based on the principle that we are all guided by this life-force energy.

Stressful moments in your life can block this life-force energy. Reiki helps you move through these heavy and stuck blockages and lets the energy flow freely again.  

Balance your body and break through negative energy cycles

Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for anyone looking for balance, relaxation or space in your body, mind and spirit. 

Reiki is very beneficial if you are looking for support with:
stress, anxiety, sleep problems. low mood, stuck emotions and feeling overwhelmed. 

Reiki supports you if you feel out of balance and allows you to release stuck energy, emotions, trauma and blockages.

I offer Reiki in person at Caan van Necklaan 169, Rijswijk or distant from the comfort of your own home via zoom. Both work great and it is totally up to you what you feel most comfortable with. 

One Reiki session is about one hour and consists of an intake to get clear on what you need or want to work on, a short meditation to get into the right space of mind, the Reiki session and a short integration talk afterwards. 


Reiki Healing

Single Session in person or distant 60 minutes
• intake 
• guided meditation to get into the right mind space 
• Reiki healing
• aftercare 

Package of 3 Reiki Healings

within 3 months
€165 (€55 per session)


It is hard to explain what it feels like and I guess it’s a very personal thing, but I found a soft and deep place for me to let go of some of my worries and anxieties and days after I still feel more grounded and calm than I did before the session


I want to thank you again, I’ve been feeling very relaxed the whole day. like I’m a little bit lighter


“It was so special. I’ve had reiki before, but never like this. It was deeply relaxing and really soothed my period cramps. It sounds weird, but I felt like she was holding my organs form the inside and warming them up. The days after I was able to relax way more than before.”