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Below you find my different offerings from online workshops to yoga bundels. 

Yoga & The Pelvic Floor | Online Workshop €55

During this online workshop I will teach you all about the anatomy of the pelvis, an undervalued part of the body. I will let you get acquainted with the pelvis and pelvic floor through yoga, breathwork, visualisation,meditation and body literacy. Includes a 2 hour recording, a pdf plus two 30 minutes yoga practices.

One Week of Yoga | Yoga Bundle €45

This bundle includes 7 yoga practices, one for each day of the week. You’ll get a variation of 20-60 minute classes that include breathwork, meditation, flow and yin yoga. A great bundle to start your home yoga practice with or bring it back to live.

Relaxation Bundle | Yoga Bundle €25

Needing some me-time and self love? This bundle gives you 3 yogaclasses; 1x 20 minutes, 1x 30 minutes and 1×45 minutes, to help you create stillness, relaxation and connection to self. A combination of breathwork, Yoga Nidra and restorative yoga.

Awesome class, great way to let go of all thoughts related to work!


Coming to Steffi’s Yin Yoga class always feels like I’ve put time and effort in SELFcare. It is the best place for Yin Yoga and she is the best teacher!


The best yoga class I’ve done so far. A nice flow and afterwards lovely relaxing.”